Many people get confused when it comes to web hosting.  They purchase a domain name and then don’t understand why they then need a hosting account on top of that.

Hosting really isn’t that confusing when put into laymen’s terms.

We will do our best to explain this in a short and sweet manor.  If you still have any concerns or questions then please contact us.

First to understand what hosting is i guess we should explain what a domain name is so you understand the difference between the two.

A domain name is an address.  It points to where the website is stored.   All computers have what are called IP Addresses.  This is a collection of numbers.
For example  if you visit this website and type it will give you something like the following
Now i don’t know about you but for me remembering is far easier then having to remember  So domain names are used to mask the ip addresses of where the website content is stored.

Now that brings us onto hosting.  Hosting is where the website content is stored basically.  This is where your emails will be stored, if you are using IMAP, and where your websites content will be kept.

More to come…