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Millarville Sports Association


Millarville Sports Association


PHP Content Management System, Registration System and Paypal Payment Gateway, Web Forum.

Site Details:

This site was built using a custom built PHP content management system.  The site was built so that parents could sign up and register their children and to make life easier for the sports directors and coaches.  The directors can assign the players to teams and the coaches can manage these teams and their schedules.
It also has forum integration allowing parents with players signed up to communicate with each other and the coaches.  The system also includes a  bulk mail out system so that the directors can contact the parents/players, coaches, officials etc with ease.

Company Details:

Millarville Sports Association are a non-profit organization serving Millarville, Alberta, since 1970.The MSA is home to Wildcat Athletics, which includes programs of youth baseball, hockey and soccer.