Hosting and Domain Names Explained

We often get asked by customers what hosting and domain names are, how they work and why do i need them?
Ok so here goes.  The easiest way i can think of describing hosting is to think of it as a building, be it your house or say your shop.
Your shop stores all your products that you are looking to sell.
So the hosting is pretty much the building where your website is stored so that you can sell products, list articles or do whatever you do with your website.
Now if i was coming to buy a product from you at your shop, thats the building, i would be pretty stuffed if i didnt have the address of your location.  And this is where domain names come in.
The domain name relates to the address of your shop.
Without this i couldnt find your building and wouldnt be able to read one of your great articles on the great site that was designed for you by us… or will be designed by us in the future.
So you see both are important to being able to have a presence on the web.